Rhonda's Testimonial

Hey Everyone, it's Rhonda Budz!

I'm here to share how my son, Levi, changed my life forever when he taught me about the healing power of cbd. 
Back in 1984 I was in a very severe car accident that should have ended my life. By the grace of God, I was saved. The after effects of this accident left me in a very dark place, where no opioid could help the amount of pain I was in.
By finding a holistic doctor, I was able to change my direction and healing process through fitness. Although, 30 years later, I still had a lingering pain in my shoulder… up until Levi had me try cbd. I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever. Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change…

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  • I was in life threatening auto accident pain never went away. When using Cbd I can get some relief. I really am thankful that I tried it . Really much better than the prescribed pain meds it keeps me focus and more able to manage the pain.


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