CBD Oil For Dogs: Cornell University Study

The Farm Bill that passed through the US Congress took industrial hemp (a cannabis cousin which in its full plant form contains very low amounts of THC) off the list of Schedule 1 drugs and opened up its production across a wide range of areas. Everything from industrial fiber, concrete, grain, food oils and the cannabinoids (like CBD and CBG) used for medicinal purposes. 

How Does CBD Work With Pets?

CBD (cannabinoid) is naturally found in the hemp plant. Dogs and cats have receptors all over their bodies linked to what’s called an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Plant-derived CBD turns on these receptors in the ECS that stimulate your pet's own anti-inflammatory abilities. Studies have shown that regular use of CBD oil can significantly boost the anti-inflammatory power of the immune system, resulting in a variety of health benefits for dogs.

Dr. Joe Wakshlag of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine tested CBD oil to see if it could help dogs who are experiencing pain from osteoarthritis. His results were published in the Frontiers in Veterinary Science in July of 2018. 

This was a double-blind placebo trial with dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and multi-joint pain. In a double-blind test, the veterinarian and owner do not know which dog is receiving the placebo and which is receiving the CBD. That way they can record results with the bias of knowing which dogs “should” be having signs of improvement. 

Sixteen dogs received CBD oil made from industrial hemp or a placebo oil every twelve hours for four weeks. The animals themselves of course could not report their pain levels, so veterinary assessment and owner questionnaires were completed before the treatment and at weeks two and four measuring the animals’ mobility and activity as an indicator of pain level. Blood tests were also performed at each visit. 

The results were significant, according to the research with over 80% of the dogs taking CBD oil showing "improvement of pain levels and quality of life" without any noticeable side-effects. 

This is great news for owners whose dogs suffer from joint pain. Especially in larger breeds and senior dogs. Until now, most pet parents have had to rely on anti-inflammatory medications to give their dogs relief from their joint pain. If an owner is looking for a more holistic approach to their dogs health, CBD oil can be a great option. 

Important Note For Pet Owners

If you are considering hemp-based products for you pet, you need to know the difference between products. Even though all may use the word “hemp” on the label, doesn’t necessarily mean there is CBD in those products. There may be products that are made with only hemp seed oil, which does not contain any CBD.

In addition, know the difference in the type of extracts CBD products are made with.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate

Full Spectrum means “full plant” and contains cannabinoids outside of CBD, like CBG, CBC, and CBN. Full Spectrum products also contain a small trace of THC (legally allowed under .3%). This amount should not produce any psycho-activeness, meaning a “high” for your dog. Full Spectrum products are a great option because you have multiple cannabinoids working together to maximize the benefits.

Broad Spectrum products are considered “full plant” but the THC is removed. This is a good option if you are concerned about THC, but still wanting benefits from other cannabinoids.

An Isolate product contains only CBD. This may still be beneficial for your pet, but you will not experience the wide range of benefits from other cannabinoids.

Third Party Tested Products

Lastly, look for hemp products that are third party tested. This will lead you to a lab report showing the cannabinoid make-up of the product and you will know exactly what your dog is taking.

How Budz Family CBD Can Help

If you think CBD might make sense for your dog, be sure to talk to your veterinarian. You can also reach out to us. We’re here as a resource to help you start your journey with CBD and your pet.

Pet approved Budz Family CBD products include our Chicken Flavored Tincture, T-bone Steak Treats, and Organic CBD Peanut Butter. These products are third party tested and infused with high-quality CBD.

Need Help With Dosing CBD For Pets? 

Visit our Dosing Guide to learn more. 

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